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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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TANA TV CabinetTANA TV Cabinet
TANA TV Cabinet
Sale priceMYR888.00 Regular priceMYR1,498.00
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RANA TV Cabinet V2.0RANA TV Cabinet V2.0
RANA TV Cabinet V2.0
Sale priceMYR698.00 Regular priceMYR898.00
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NORDI TV CabinetNORDI TV Cabinet
NORDI TV Cabinet
Sale priceMYR598.00 Regular priceMYR898.00
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RANA TV Cabinet V3.0RANA TV Cabinet V3.0
RANA TV Cabinet V3.0
Sale priceMYR488.00 Regular priceMYR1,268.00
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GARIS TV CabinetGARIS TV Cabinet
GARIS TV Cabinet
Sale priceMYR1,038.00 Regular priceMYR2,488.00
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Get A TV Cabinet in Malaysia From LINEA

Finding the right TV cabinet design in Malaysia may take time as your cabinet will be the center of your living room space; the one furniture that will always have eyes on it.

Additionally, the TV cabinet price in Malaysia can range quite expensive, but here at LINEA, we try to make our designer furniture as affordable as possible.

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Find Your Ideal TV Cabinet Design in Malaysia With Us

Here at LINEA, we sell various styles of TV cabinets from simplistic styles for those with more muted tastes, to eye-catching designs made to fit well in any room.

From blue hues of our RANA TV Cabinet V2.0 to classic wooden tones of the TANA TV cabinet, our affordable selection of TV cabinet in Malaysia gives homeowners a good selection of choices when it comes to bringing their living spaces together.

If you would like to buy a TV cabinet, our TV cabinet prices occasionally come with great discounts as we host TV cabinet sale in Malaysia, as well as offer affordable payment routes with hoolah.

Find a TV Cabinet Sale In Malaysia

LINEA is owned by an Original Brand and Design Furniture Manufacturer (OBM & ODM), where the purpose is to give our customers in Malaysia access to buy furniture, such as TV cabinet in Malaysia, that are authentic and specially curated.

Our “basic modern” style celebrates the work of well-known designers by the likes of Shahril Faisal, Michio Anazawa, Hazmi Zakaria, Ezran Zainal, and Al Rashid. Their designs are specifically selected for their high quality materials, which include American Walnut and American White Oak that are sourced sustainably from the United States of America.

Find Elegance When You Buy A TV Cabinet With Us

Our TV cabinets in Malaysia are made with extreme care and detail to ensure we embody the designs of basic, yet modern concepts. We utilise only the best quality fittings and materials for high-class finished products for our customers.

We carry modern TV cabinet designs in Malaysia, with former and older designs that are re-imagined to elevate its build to meet the modern touch. Expect to find oak materials, black groove doors, aluminium tracks, and more when you buy a TV cabinet from us.

Meanwhile, we also allow for bundle purchases where we will give additional discounts by set or quantity if you intend to buy more than one of the same item. To top it off, we also offer decor pieces that would fit well when you buy a TV cabinet with us. With our tv cabinet sale in Malaysia, there is no doubt that you will checkout with a furniture item that is suited to your vision when you shop at LINEA.

We also have two offline stores in Setia Alam and Seremban if you would like to view before you buy a TV cabinet from us. However, please make an appointment if you would like to visit our showroom, while all appointments must be made preferably 24 hours prior to your visit so we can attend to your needs accordingly.

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