LINEA Designer Furniture (LINEA) is an online store, owned by an Original Brand and Design Furniture Manufacturer (OBM & ODM) specially set-up to make available directly to consumers authentic original designer furniture manufactured in Malaysia.

Currently LINEA sells furniture designed by the following designers: Shahril Faisal, Michio Anazawa, Hazmi Zakaria, Ezran Zainal and Al Rashid. The designs are 'basic modern' and minimalist, employing only the high quality materials such as the American Walnut and American White Oak. These timber are sourced from sustainable forest in the United States of America.

LINEA currently sells two brands: NOKTA and LINEA (in house). NOKTA brand represents original design furniture by NOKTA while LINEA brand are products from other manufacturers design and specifications or products which have been re-engineered and re-styled.

In conclusion, LINEA and NOKTA promotes design to enrich lives, assisting recognition for designers and make designer furniture more affordable. "Now everyone can own designer furniture".

Excerpts from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion which manages the Good Design Mark label:

" ...realising a beautiful design that blends in to the space in which it is placed, and the high-level designing ability was genuinely praised. Rather than seeking the distinctiveness of traditional Malaysian furniture, it has succeeded in expressing a "just-right modernity" that fits well in any space".

Thank you for choosing us and support our young talented designers and congratulation for being part of design community.


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