LINEA adopts general quality standard acceptable in the furniture and interior industry in Malaysia. Emphasis are given to the structure, quality of materials, overall finishing and workmanship in manufacturing the products. Hence, LINEA sells its products strictly based on our own quality standard.

LINEA advices all customers and clients to visit our showrooms and view our products before making any purchase. The exhibits in our showroom shall represent an average quality of our products. Please do take note that natural materials such as solid wood and wood veneers differs from one piece to others although the species used are the same.

For items finished in natural oil, although resulted in beautiful rich look, it tends to make the overall finish a little bit darker due to its absorption of oil into the wood and reaction with the glue especially the edges. Please also use protection such as coaster or table mat all the time especially for cold drinks and hot items.


All our images used at our website, emails, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are from various sources including real photos, image rendering or combinations of both. As such, please take note that there will be variance in term of colours and tones among all these images.

Colours and tones may also differs due to screen technology and specifications at desk top monitors, lap top screens and mobile phone & tablet screens.

Viewing our products at our showrooms are best recommended to gauge actual average colours, workmanship and quality or our products.



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