1. At 'My Cart' page, please check if all your items are listed with the correct quantity and prices. If you want to add more items, please just click any of the menu to find the items and add them to cart. You may also remove any item by clicking 'remove'.  
  2. You may also estimate the shipping cost by stating your zip code at the 'Estimate shipping' section.
  3. If you have specific request on shipping, please state it at the right section of the page by clicking the 'Order instructions'.
  4. Once done, please click 'Checkout'.
  5. Next please fill up your information (if you have not done so before) and choose shipping option.
  6. Choose Shipping options.
  7. Enter Discount Code if available.
  8. Click button Continue to Payment.
  9. At Payment Page, you will be prompted with four (4) options:


    1. ipay88: You will be directed to ipay88 page and find payment options by eWallet, credit cards, FPX such as maybank2u.com, CIMB Clicks, bankislam.biz and many other banks website.
    2. hoolah: Payment through hoolah offers three (3) monthly equal payments at no additional cost. Current maximum purchase value is fixed at RM5,000. The first instalment will begin immediately after purchase. Once you have chosen this option, you will be directed to hoolah page for application process. Your application maybe approved immediately or it may take 24-48 hours. hoolah have the sole discretion on the approval.
    3. Bank Deposit: You may also deposit cash or cheque to Nokta Furniture Sdn Bhd (1330696-P):
      1. RHB Bank counters or ATM machines to Account No: 2551 040000 5454.
      2. Maybank counters or ATM machines to Account No: 5551 7152 6285.

      If you choose this option, please confirm the billing address and click the        Complete order button, and you will be able to exit LINEA website.                Please visit RHB banks ATM and make the transfer and forward the ATM        receipt to enquiry@lineadesignerfurniture.com or Whatsapp to                          +6012 359 6884

    4. Online Transfer: This option is same as Option 3 above, but instead of            making the payment at ATM, you make online transfer by logging in to           your bank's website and perform the normal online transfer to     NOKTA Furniture Sdn Bhd (1330696-P):

      1. RHB Banking Berhad, Account No: 2551 040000 5454. 
      2. Maybank Berhad, Account No: 5551 7152 6285.

           Please forward the payment receipt through Whatsapp +6012 3596884 or               email to enquiry@lineadesignerfurniture.com


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