Tips on Choosing the Right Modern Designer Furniture Online for Your New Home

Furniture, decor and your little knick knacks makes a home - we all know that very well. Without the right furniture, your house is not a home, it simply becomes a space. This is why modern furniture selection is one of the most crucial parts of building your home after you secure your property - you have to think of what you want to achieve, what modern home furniture you will need, and so forth. So, to help you out, here are some easy tips on choosing modern furniture in Malaysia.

Know Your Space to Fit Your Modern Home Furniture in Malaysia

When it comes to planning for modern furniture design, you must make sure you understand your space, especially in terms of measurements. Buying modern designer furniture such as sofa, dining tables, or even wall decor, should not be on a whim as these items can be extremely bulky - you have to get in tune with your space, how wide it is, the length of the sofa you need for it to fit perfectly, and so forth. So, make sure you have your measurements ready when you visit a furniture store or shop for modern furniture online at modern furniture stores online. This is also why LINEA lists out all our modern furniture measurements below our products so you can envision how they will fit in your space.

Plan Out Your Theme or Ideas Before You Shop Modern Furniture Online in Malaysia

Every home has some sort of a theme - it can be especially exciting if you are starting with a blank space. A theme allows your modern furniture shopping to be easier. Should you go for a minimalist design? Or maybe head into a boho vibe, or even, just mix and match your themes to give you space more interest. Remember, this is your home, your vision, you should plan it out so that the final result is something you are content with. Plus, with a theme in mind, it will be easier for you to pick out the modern furniture styles when you look for modern furniture online according to your wants and needs, as well as the decor piece to go along with it to elevate your modern style to the next level.

Pay Attention to the Smaller Details to Liven Up Your Modern Furniture Design

Modern furniture design is simple if you ease into it slowly. You don’t have to buy everything at once, or decorate your space within a day - just take your time and pay attention to the smaller details. The finer decor, such as paintings, plush pillows on the sofa, and display items help breathe new life into the modern furniture. When you dress up your modern furniture with unique complimentary pieces, it brightens and livens up your space. There are many ways you can do this, you can mix and match furniture, and add attention-to-detail elements such as a runner on your dining table, adding centerpieces, photo frames, or a contemporary art piece to a blank wall.

Buy From the Right Modern Home Furniture Online Store

Finally, if you are shopping for modern furniture online in Malaysia, you must select the right store to match your design vision. If you shop at LINEA, you can expect to find original designer modern furniture that features a basic modern style, with a wide selection of specially curated items to match your design theme and space ideas. Additionally, LINEA’s modern furniture price is affordable and we also offer payment plan options such as hoolah for you to be able to shop with ease. Here are some of our best sellers for our modern furniture online in Malaysia: ESSIMETRI: If you are looking for unique and modern furniture side tables to match your bed set, ESSIMETRI offers symmetrically unique options that can bring a contemporary touch to your bedroom. Additionally, the ESSIMETRI collection also features a wooden writing desk that can double as a reception table at a boutique store, or simply as your working desk that you can add to your home office. ESSIMETRI also has a TV cabinet with dark wooden hues, coupled with a touch of dark black and designed with such interest that it immediately draws the eye. GARIS: GARIS offers various modern furniture styles that breathe interest into a dull room, including glass shelves, low-tier wooden shelving, comfortable neutral couches, unique TV cabinets, office chairs, and other table tops that are perfect for those looking to mix and match modern furniture. TANA: Meanwhile TANA offers more neutral wooden tones, with the occasional darker hues to contrast the lightness of the wood. Expect quaint TV cabinets, roomy storage space, coffee tables, dining tables, and more, made from the highest quality materials. So, are you ready to build your modern home? Shop LINEA’s modern home furniture online at!