Why LINEA? | LINEA Designer Furniture

At LINEA Designer Furniture…..

  1. We always state the name of the designer in all our marketing collateral giving both recognitions to the designers as well as the products.
  2. We choose the materials and fittings among the highest quality available in the market such as American White Oak and American Walnut from North America, HAFELE Drawer Slide and BLUM Door hinge.
  3. LINEA use both solid wood and wooden panels. In the case of veneer, our veneer thickness is 0.45mm which would allow our oil finish to absorb in wood and resulted in a deep and rich natural wood finish. Wood is a living material, don’t let it covered with unfriendly environmental surface coating.
  4. Whenever possible, we try to avoid ready to assemble furniture construction. All our furniture are using fixed construction such as fully welded metal frame. While most other brands uses between 0.8mm – 1.2mm metal gauge, ours is 1.6mm thick. This will provide thicker surface for welding process resulted in sturdy construction and will not get loosen over time.
  5. The final measurement of the furniture, type of material and colour combination are decided by the designers. All these factors are important to achieve a harmony ambience in your spaces.
  6. Finally is about cost. Items sold at LINEA is perfect for you to start a collection of designer furniture in your home. Buy one or two items in a year, and finally you have a nice collection that last. Yes, furniture that last and design that makes your space looks so fresh.